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Shock Top Lemon Shandy, Shock Top Brewing Company

Posted in Wheat with tags , , , , , on July 20, 2013 by bizzlepop

Well, how about that heat wave huh? It seems to be cooling down a bit now so it’s actually enjoyable to sit out on the patio. Tonight’s offering, Shock Top’s version of a shandy. For those who don’t know, a shandy is traditional European wheat beer mixed or brewed with lemonade. The story of its inception starts with a local pub owner and a hot summers afternoon bicycle race. When the pub filled up with thirsty post racers, the owner realized his beer stash wasn’t going to hold up, so he cut it with some ice cold lemonade, and the rest is history.
Now I fancy myself quite the shandy drinker. I’ve enjoyed probably a dozen or so different breweries attempts, and the Shock Top one is definitely near the top of the list. Weighing in at 4.2% abv, it is very smooth and refreshing, and just enough sweetness to keep it in my regular summer rotation. It’s not so sweet that it bothers your stomach after 3 or 4, combined with a nice wheat taste up front, this is a great beer for any level of beer drinker. At the end of the day, this is a great beer that just keeps you coming back for more all summer long. Cheers! -BW

Final rating – 3 1/2 Pints