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Captain Lawrence IPA

Posted in IPA with tags , on September 15, 2013 by Steve

IPA – Captain Lawrence Brewing – Elmsford, NY – 6.5% ABVcaptain_lawrence_ipa

“…full sensory assault on your taste buds” – smells like a Christmas tree, I’m guessing from the dry hopping but what do I know (Bart, fill me in on this shit). This is phenomenal stuff. Don’t let the smell throw you off. No harsh bitter aftertaste, goes down surprisingly smooth, and I could drink this all day long. I really don’t know if a beginner IPA drinker should start with this. It doesn’t have that bite  that most people who don’t like IPAs hate.

I don’t know. I’m sitting here trying to find something wrong with it, but I can’t. This very well could take the spot as one of my favorite IPAs. As more of a pale ale fan, I’m not a HUGE fan of IPAs, but I do enjoy the good ones, and this is good. Pardon me, I have a glass to finish…

Final Rating – 4.5 Pints (4.5 Pints)


Great Divide Brewing – Titan IPA

Posted in IPA with tags , , , , on September 8, 2013 by Steve

Titan IPA – Brewed by Great Divide Brewing out of Denver, CO. – 7.1% abvgreat_divide_titan_ipa

Well first, it’s good to be back. I know we’ve let this fall to the wayside before, so we’ll try an be better about it. Busy lives, etc etc, same ol’ excuse. And before everything else…WELCOME BACK NFL!!

Now, Great Divide Brewing describes this brew as “aggressively hopped…brewed for hop disciples” as well as “assertive and aromatic”. They are dead on. For a comparison, if this were brewed by Dogfish Head, it would be their 100 Minute IPA. Yes, I know it doesn’t exist. What I mean is it tastes a bit stronger then the 90 Minute IPA, but not quite as strong as the 120 Minute IPA.

Has a real malty finish on it which I think helps with the hoppiness/bite. This definitely is for the more experienced IPS drinker, or, the “hop disciples”. Seriously, if you’ve never had an IPA before, don’t start with this. You’ll never want to drink an IPA again.

On that note, about halfway through, it starts to mellow out and become quite tasty. It’s probably from all that malt coating your mouth. Regardless, I enjoy it and would definitely drink it again. If you’re an IPA fan, try it.

2007 European Beer Star, Nuremberg, Silver Medal, IPA
2007 Australian International Beer Awards, Silver Medal, IPA
2008 Australian International Beer Awards, Silver Medal, IPA

Final Rating: 4pint(4 Pints)

Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon

Posted in IPA with tags , on September 28, 2011 by Steve

Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon – Brewed by Heavy Sea’s Beer of Halethorpe, MD – 7.25% alcohol

I’ve never heard of the Heavy Sea’s brewery, and ran across a variety pack at my local beer store, so of course I had to pick it up (NOTE: Anyone that does these reviews…do NOT pick up 2 12-pack variety packs and try to review each one in a day….just….it just doesn’t work lol, hence my lack of notes…).

This is a Belgian Style IPA. The bottle says it has tangy hops and a spicy aroma, but my nose sucks and I don’t smell any spice (note: I tried this right after the Troeg’s DreamWeaver which is cinammony, could be why…).

For being a bit stronger than normal, and an IPA, it’s actually pretty good. I was expecting a bit more bitterness and hoppiness, but it’s pretty mellow and pretty enjoyable. I dig it.

Final Rating –   (3.5 pints)

Shipyard IPA – Fuggles India Pale Ale

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Fuggles IPA – Brewed by Shipyard Brewing from Portland, Maine – 5.8% alcohol

Let me first start by saying I FINALLY went through the trouble of finding out why its called an India Pale Ale (not really, my beer of the month club comes with little newsletters and this was a tidbit in it): The IPA came about when the British royals were living in India during the 1800s. They demanded that their favorite beers be shipped to them, but the month-long ocean trip destroyed the beer. A British brewer created an ale with more alcohol (hence why IPAs are stronger) so that they could last the month-long trip…. and there you have it; the India Pale Ale.

Ok, now Fuggles. This came in a variety pack I bought (bought 2 in one day…I was feeling ambitious). After opening it, it definitely smells like an IPA. Lots of hops, and to me, it carries the bitterness from start to end. It’s a stronger IPA, not something you should start out with in the IPA field if you’ve never had one before. If I wasn’t experienced in IPAs, I probably wouldn’t like it, but overall, it’s not that bad.

Strong at first, but after a few gulps, it gets easier. Definitely has some citrusness and your typical IPA tastes and smells. I dunno, I’m a little up in the air about this one. It’s good, but not…it’s one of those beers you really have to be in the mood for. The day I tried this just wasn’t one of those days.

Overall rating – (3 pints)

Sea Dog Old East India IPA

Posted in IPA with tags , on July 13, 2011 by Steve

Sea Dog Old East India IPA – Brewed by Sea Dog Brewery in Topsham, Maine – 6.2% alcohol

So this is actually going to be a short review, and I didn’t really intend for it to be, so let me apologize to the 6 people that read this. I guess it’s actually a good problem to have. When I do these reviews, most of the time I have a 6-pack, a 3-pack (Beer of the Month shipments), or at least a 22oz bottle. With the 3 and 6-packs, I usually drink one, start taking notes, and either later on that night or the next day, drink another one, and take more notes. Well, that wasn’t the case this time, because I downed the 3 that I had in a sitting.

Yes, they were that good. It’s not too bitter, but the bittery hoppiness is there and the overall flavor is great. Definitely a fan of this, and would not hesitate to buy it again for any occasion. I’m a bit surprised, but it seems that with every IPA I taste, I start to enjoy them more and more. I’d say this right up there with the Mystic Bridge IPA in that is a great starter for people looking to try IPAs. Hopefully I’m not just saying that because I’m used to the taste now, so if you try it and hate, don’t blame me.

My last review was Sea Dog, so I won’t repeat their locations and crap. Just go here and check them out.

Final Rating –  4.5 Pints (4.5 pints)

Mystic Bridge IPA

Posted in IPA with tags , , on June 16, 2011 by Steve

Mystic Bridge IPA – Brewed by Cottrell Brewing Company in Pawcatuck, CT – 6% Alcohol

So after glancing at a few beer reviews, I noticed some people feel the need to tell you how the beer pours out into a glass. They’ll give you the color of the beer, the amount of foam (head, heh heh), and all that jazz. Let me tell you now, unless otherwise noted, these beers are pouring right out of the bottle into my throat.

Mystic Bridge IPA

Now lets get the point. Mystic Bridge IPA. I’m not a huge fan of IPA’s, so right off the bat I get a little worrisome before tasting one. Mystic Bridge IPA is technically an American IPA (India Pale Ale), which is slightly different than the UK IPAs. They are known for their hoppy taste which results in that bitter after taste that takes a while to get used to. Most average beer drinkers don’t like IPAs as they don’t have a great “drinkability” factor. You don’t pound an IPA down to get hammered.

Mystic Bridge is not an overpowering IPA. It’s hoppy and bitter enough to know its an IPA but its not extreme. It goes down smooth, and if your like me where IPAs take some getting used to, after muscling through the first one, the rest drink with no problem. I’d say this is a good beer for people looking to venture out of their Budweiser phase and want to try an IPA. A good introductory IPA if you will.

I didn’t drink this during dinner, but it’s got a good taste and is probably an excellent dinner beer. Like I said before, this is not something you can slam down but I don’t think there is an IPA you would want to do that with. It’s slight bitterness is almost welcoming. I want to compare it to other IPAs but I don’t have much experience in them (yet). If I had to pick one, I’d say its comparable to Magic Hat’s Blind Faith, but that’s probably because that’s the last IPA I tasted that I liked. Maybe that’ll be the next review…

If you’re in the area, you can visit Cottrell Brewing Company at 100 Mechanic Street, Pawcatuck, CT  06739. They have tours and tastings Monday-Wednesday by appointment, Thursdays at 3PM, Fridays every half hour from 3-6PM, and Saturdays every half hour from 1-5.

Be sure to spread the word to your friends about this blog. If there’s something you’d like to see reviewed or any other comments or suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Final rating –