Captain Lawrence IPA

IPA – Captain Lawrence Brewing – Elmsford, NY – 6.5% ABVcaptain_lawrence_ipa

“…full sensory assault on your taste buds” – smells like a Christmas tree, I’m guessing from the dry hopping but what do I know (Bart, fill me in on this shit). This is phenomenal stuff. Don’t let the smell throw you off. No harsh bitter aftertaste, goes down surprisingly smooth, and I could drink this all day long. I really don’t know if a beginner IPA drinker should start with this. It doesn’t have that bite  that most people who don’t like IPAs hate.

I don’t know. I’m sitting here trying to find something wrong with it, but I can’t. This very well could take the spot as one of my favorite IPAs. As more of a pale ale fan, I’m not a HUGE fan of IPAs, but I do enjoy the good ones, and this is good. Pardon me, I have a glass to finish…

Final Rating – 4.5 Pints (4.5 Pints)


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