Great Divide Brewing – Titan IPA

Titan IPA – Brewed by Great Divide Brewing out of Denver, CO. – 7.1% abvgreat_divide_titan_ipa

Well first, it’s good to be back. I know we’ve let this fall to the wayside before, so we’ll try an be better about it. Busy lives, etc etc, same ol’ excuse. And before everything else…WELCOME BACK NFL!!

Now, Great Divide Brewing describes this brew as “aggressively hopped…brewed for hop disciples” as well as “assertive and aromatic”. They are dead on. For a comparison, if this were brewed by Dogfish Head, it would be their 100 Minute IPA. Yes, I know it doesn’t exist. What I mean is it tastes a bit stronger then the 90 Minute IPA, but not quite as strong as the 120 Minute IPA.

Has a real malty finish on it which I think helps with the hoppiness/bite. This definitely is for the more experienced IPS drinker, or, the “hop disciples”. Seriously, if you’ve never had an IPA before, don’t start with this. You’ll never want to drink an IPA again.

On that note, about halfway through, it starts to mellow out and become quite tasty. It’s probably from all that malt coating your mouth. Regardless, I enjoy it and would definitely drink it again. If you’re an IPA fan, try it.

2007 European Beer Star, Nuremberg, Silver Medal, IPA
2007 Australian International Beer Awards, Silver Medal, IPA
2008 Australian International Beer Awards, Silver Medal, IPA

Final Rating: 4pint(4 Pints)


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