Mermaid Pilsner, Shmaltz Brewing Company

As a thank you to all of our fans, new and old alike, I’ve decided to do a review this evening on a beer that I have been saving for a special occasion; Mermaid Pilsner. Part of the Coney Island Craft Lagers line from Shmaltz Brewing Company, this beer first caught my eye in the “make your own 6 pack” section of my local beer store. The entire Coney Island line comes covered in original artwork from a combination of Shmaltz’s art directors and Brooklyn based tattoo artist Dave C. Wallin. The colorful drawings on each bottle depict characters from a carnival setting. As you might have already guessed (or noticed in the picture), this particular one depicts a mermaid. Genius!

Now on to the beer itself. Very light and crisp. I would have never guessed it was sitting at a solid 5.3% abv. It is more hoppy than I had anticipated, but that bitter taste doesn’t linger at all. It is actually a really nice contrast to some of the fruit infused beers I have been enjoying recently. It finishes off tasting like a good summer seasonal beer (similar to Sam Adam’s Summer), although it is in fact a year round offering. This would be the perfect beer to drink while attending a baseball game. Perhaps the cure to watching some of the recent Mets games? A late game pitching meltdown would go down much easier if it was being chased by a few pints of Mermaid. Overall, this beer seems to have the total package. Not too dark or heavy, goes down easy, and carries enough punch to get you in a good mental state quickly.

I was originally very excited to try, what i thought was, an actual Coney Island beer. After some research, I discovered Shmaltz is actually based out of San Francisco. What a letdown. Although, it turns out that the majority of their product is brewed in a facility in Saratoga Springs, NY. I guess that’s close enough. Either way, it’s a really solid beer. -BW

Final Rating-  (4 Pints)


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