Heavy Sea’s Classic Lager

Heavy Sea’s Classic Lager – Brewed by Heavy Sea’s Beer of Halethorpe, MD – 5% alcohol

So they claim right on the bottle that this beer pairs well with seafood. Let’s see if I’m craving a lobster after this……yep, I sure am (to be fair, I’m always craving lobster…). This is a pretty nice beer though. Kinda like a Budweiser or other lagers, but better, and of course not a macro brewery.

Goes down quick, smooth, light, can certainly pound these down no problem. Damn tasty, and keeps getting better bottle after bottle.

UPDATE: So the girlfriend went into the fridge and grabbed a Miller Light while I cracked a fresh Heavy Sea’s Classic Lager. Suddenly, she just HAPPEN to realize she doesn’t like Miller Light, and me, being the gracious boyfriend that I am, offered her my Classic Lager. She gladly accepted the trade. Heavy Sea’s Classic Lager: FEMALE APPROVED!

Final Rating – 


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