Widmer Brother’s Original Drifter Pale Ale

The Original Drifter Pale Ale – Brewed by Widmer Brother’s Brewing from Portland, OR – 5.7% alcohol

Funny story: I onced seeked this beer out a couple years ago due to the review it received in Maxim Magazine’s beer issue. I believe it took 2nd over Pork Slap. When I finally found it after a few months of looking, I got excited, rushed home to stick it in the fridge. When they were cold, I grabbed one out, opened it and…..hated it. I was so disappointed. There was something telling me that I was really going to like this beer. I was still in my Bud Light phase and not very experienced in other beers yet. Segway to very recently…

My girlfriend decided to surprise me with a 6 pack of beer to do a review on, and not remembering that I had tried this brew before, she picked up some Drifter Pale Ale. Since I was a little more cultured in beers this time around, I said hell with it and tried it again. One word: Wow.

This beer is delicious and I don’t know what the f@#$ I was thinking. Even the girlfriend likes it. She hates pale ales. She hates most beers, honestly. There’s such a presence of citrus in this, but it’s not strong and overbearing and it definitely helps mask any bitterness that may be in it, because you taste absolutely none.

I’ve been reserved on giving out 5 pint ratings, and even though I love this beer….I don’t know if it’s that top tier 5 pint beer I’ve been seeking out. Still, if you see this anywhere, GET IT! It’s rare from what I can tell so you won’t see it often, and you won’t be disappointed.

Final Rating – 4.5 Pints (4.5 pints)


2 Responses to “Widmer Brother’s Original Drifter Pale Ale”

  1. I feel the same way man. Back in the day before when I was not used to drinking beer, and at that time I always thought that beers are nothing more but bitter tasting; when I tried Sam Adams Rauchbier… yes, you guessed it, I threw up. For me those years were all Stouts and flavored liquors — Rogue, and Irish creams.

    Then the later days of my drinking career when I tried drinking again Rauchbier, thanks to that party, I love it!!

    And about Drifter, I haven’t seen this one before. Where did you buy this? is this just a local beer?

    • It’s made by Widmer Brother’s and I’ve seen their brews around my area (Hudson Valley, NY), but not Drifter. The onyl place I can seem to find it is at a beer store in Stamford, CT (BevMax)

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