Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon

Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon – Brewed by Heavy Sea’s Beer of Halethorpe, MD – 7.25% alcohol

I’ve never heard of the Heavy Sea’s brewery, and ran across a variety pack at my local beer store, so of course I had to pick it up (NOTE: Anyone that does these reviews…do NOT pick up 2 12-pack variety packs and try to review each one in a day….just….it just doesn’t work lol, hence my lack of notes…).

This is a Belgian Style IPA. The bottle says it has tangy hops and a spicy aroma, but my nose sucks and I don’t smell any spice (note: I tried this right after the Troeg’s DreamWeaver which is cinammony, could be why…).

For being a bit stronger than normal, and an IPA, it’s actually pretty good. I was expecting a bit more bitterness and hoppiness, but it’s pretty mellow and pretty enjoyable. I dig it.

Final Rating –   (3.5 pints)


One Response to “Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon”

  1. sounds like a good beer to try out.. I love IPAs anyway…

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