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Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon

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Heavy Sea’s Dubbel Cannon – Brewed by Heavy Sea’s Beer of Halethorpe, MD – 7.25% alcohol

I’ve never heard of the Heavy Sea’s brewery, and ran across a variety pack at my local beer store, so of course I had to pick it up (NOTE: Anyone that does these reviews…do NOT pick up 2 12-pack variety packs and try to review each one in a day….just….it just doesn’t work lol, hence my lack of notes…).

This is a Belgian Style IPA. The bottle says it has tangy hops and a spicy aroma, but my nose sucks and I don’t smell any spice (note: I tried this right after the Troeg’s DreamWeaver which is cinammony, could be why…).

For being a bit stronger than normal, and an IPA, it’s actually pretty good. I was expecting a bit more bitterness and hoppiness, but it’s pretty mellow and pretty enjoyable. I dig it.

Final Rating –   (3.5 pints)


Troeg’s Pale Ale

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Troeg’s Pale Ale – Brewed by Troeg’s Brewing Company in Harrisburg, PA – 5.4%

This is an American-style Pale Ale (APA), and it’s a very good pale ale at that. Light hops (cascade hops), and just a real, crisp, tasty beer. No harsh after tastes, and one of the better pale ales I’ve had.

Final Rating  (3.5 pints)

Magic Hat Circus Boy

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Magic Hat Circus Boy – Brewed by Magic Hat Brewing Comapny – 4.4% alcohol

I wrote this review a long time ago and somehow totally forgot to post it. So here we go…

Magic Hat Circus Boy. Those of you that know me, know that recently I’ve become a HUGE fan of Magic Hat, especially their #9 Not Quite Pale Ale. I’ve never heard of Circus Boy, so of course when I saw it, I had to try it.

It’s a wheat beer, or to be correct, it is THE hefeweizen. And once again, Magic Hat does not disappoint. Sometimes wheat beers can be a little overbearing. I don’t know what it is about them, but they can just be too much in your mouth (that’s what she said. ZING!). Magic Hat of course, as expected, does it the right way though.

It’s awesome. Goes down smooth, has a great taste and it’s just simply the shit.

During the summer I’m know to pick up some #9 or some Wacko from the Magic Hat folks, but seeing as this brew is a year round beer….I very possibly could have found a new favorite.

Final Rating – 4.5 Pints (4.5 pints)

Ringwood Brewery – Old Thumper

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Ringwood Brewery’s Old Thumper – brewed by Shipyard Brewing Company from Portland, Maine – 5.6% alcohol

You may be confused since I said it was brewed by Shipyard, yet it’s called “Ringwood Brewery”. I’m not sure if I have the story correct, but Ringwood Brewery was a brewery in England and the brewer there was the mentor of the brewmaster at Shipyard. I guess to keep the beer alive, Shipyard decided to reproduce the brew in honor of him (or something like that…)

So Old Thumper….a beast of a beer (it says on the label, I didn’t just come up with that). It’s another beer with that stout-like taste. It’s classified by our friends over at Beer Advocate as being an ESB (extra special/strong bitter). It’s not a bad beer at all. Has a nice full taste, and would be a great dinner beer. I like it.

Wow, another short review…sheesh.

Final Rating – (3 pints)

Troeg’s Sunshine Pils

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Troeg’s Sunshine Pils – brewed by Troeg’s Brewing Company from Harrisburg, PA – 5.3% alcohol

This is a nice, crispy, hoppy pilsner. I’m not sure if pilsner’s are supposed to be hoppy or not, but if they aren’t, Troeg’s dialed it up and said “rules were meant to be broken”.

The little but of bitterness and bite it has takes away the ability to really chug this thing. It’s a real light, smooth beer that would make for a perfect drinking summer beer. It’s a good beverage and I enjoy it.

Final Rating –  (3.5 pints)

Shipyard Export Ale

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Shipyard Export Ale – Brewed by Shipyard Brewing Company out of Portland, Maine – 5% alcohol

This review is going to be short and sweet and I apologize for that. It was a while when I took notes on this brew, and I’m not sure why there are so little notes (must have been a good night).

Anyway, Shipyard calls this beer their “flagship”. For something to be flagship, it has to be good. Well it is. Not too hoppy, not very bitter, and has a real good taste, real good drinkability, and goes down pretttty quick (that must be why my notes are so short).

Final Rating – (3 pints)

Troeg’s DreamWeaver Wheat Ale

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Troeg’s DreamWeaver Wheat Ale – Brewed by Troeg’s Brewing Company – 4.8% alcohol

Ok…why the hell does this beer smell like cinnamon? Their website says “Spicy, peppery, clove taste with a slight hint of bananas.” I definitely didn’t smell any bananas, but that spicy, peppery smell? Yea…it smells like Big Red Chewing Gum.

They also say right on the bottle to pour 3/4 into a glass, swirl, and then poor the rest. I don’t usually put brew into a glass (though I think I may start…). It definitely has that Big Red spiciness to it. I’m not even really sure what to think of this. I’ve never had any beer that had this type of spice and flavor to it and wasn’t really expecting it.

I drank the other 2 of these, and I mean, they are good, but I don’t think this is what I want from a beer. It’s just a little too different for me I guess.

Final Rating – (2 pints)