Fordham Tavern Ale

Tavern Ale – Brewed by Fordham Brewing Company from Dover, Delaware – 5.5% alcohol

This is described as being an American Pale Ale. It has a nice citrus smell and is complimented by a strong hoppy flavor that gives it a bit of a bite. Not entirely sure on the difference between an APA and an IPA (too lazy to look it up) but this seems stronger tan any of the IPA’s I can remember trying in the past.

It’s got an aftertaste that stays with you, and I can’t say I enjoy it too much. I think if they dialed down the hops a bit, it would be much better (side note: it seems that any beer in which they use these Cascade hops are strong like this). The bottle does warn you though: “Strong hop profile”. Strong is right. I’m a sure a lot of people like that, but me… not so much.

It’s a drinkable beer and gets easier as you continue to drink it, you just gotta muscle through it.

Final Rating:  (2.5 pints)


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