Four+ Sum’r Oragnic Summer Ale

Sum’r Organic Summer Ale – Brewed by Four+Beers (subgroup of Uinta Beers) from Salt Lake City, Utah – 4% alcohol.

I’m sure you all are having the same reaction I had to this beer. “What the fu….organic beer? Ew”. Seeing how it has “USDA Organic Approved” stamped on the bottle, it’s obviously the real deal. Like I said, the whole organic thing kinda weirded me out. It’s only organic ingredient is “organic barley malt” whatever the hell that means, but……it’s actually pretty good.

Little more bitter and hoppy than I’d expect from a summer ale, but its a light bitterness, subtle, and almost welcome. It’s very different from most summer ales, including the one’s I’ve reviewed here, but it’s a good different. I don’t know how often I’ll run across this beverage, but if I do, I’d definitely pick a nice little 6 pack to enjoy.

When drinking this, I was telling myself it would probably go well with fish or even sushi. Well, according to the website, it contains an uncommon hop from Japan, and they urge you to “Try it with Sushi!” – Well I’ll be…

Anyway, good brew, tasty, don’t let the organicness scare you away because frankly, who cares. It still has alcohol in it and still does the job.

Final Rating –  (3.5 pints)


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