American Honor – Declaration Ale

Declaration Ale – Brewed by American Honor from Wilkes-Barre, PA – 5.4% alcohol.

This one kid of caught me off guard. How a little more stronger hops than I’d expect out of a pale ale. It’s

not a bad tasting brew but it doesn’t wow me either. It’s tasty once you assimilate to the stronger hops, but if you’re not one that’s real into any ales or any bitterness, you’re probably better off leaving this one to the side.

Their website is real annoying. Stupid drumming music that will drive you crazy, and nowhere I can tell to turn it off.

Overall, not a bad beer, but I wouldn’t go seeking this one out. I wouldn’t turn one down though either.

I’d give you the address and info on tours but I couldn’t take that damn drumming anymore. Just go to the website if you’re that interested.

Final Rating – (2 pints)




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