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Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale

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Chamberlain Pale Ale – Brewed by Shipyard Brewing Company out of Portland, Maine – 4.9% alcohol

This beer is the reason I bought the Shipyard variety pack. Not because I’ve had it before or knew what it tasted like, but because of General Joshua L. Chamberlain himself. My mother is a huge Civil War buff and I suppose I picked up quite a bit of it from her. After seeing the movie “Gettysburg“, General Chamberlain quickly became my favorite Civil War General. Funny enough, he’s played by Jeff Daniels (of Dumb and Dumber fame).

Enough about that, on to the beer. I found it to be weird, but in a good way. It’s a pale ale that isn’t very bitter or hoppy at all. In fact, it tastes like it’s about to have that coffee/dessert thing going on like a stout would, but then it just disappears. Strange, but very tasty.

I’m a fan (though I’m probably biased due to that handsome picture of General Chamberlain on the bottle). It’s a good beer to relax with and I think even my wonderful girlfriend likes it. If you never tried a pale ale and want to venture out, this is a good starting point, or stepping stone. Definitely would have this again.

Final Rating – (4 pints)


Shipyard IPA – Fuggles India Pale Ale

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Fuggles IPA – Brewed by Shipyard Brewing from Portland, Maine – 5.8% alcohol

Let me first start by saying I FINALLY went through the trouble of finding out why its called an India Pale Ale (not really, my beer of the month club comes with little newsletters and this was a tidbit in it): The IPA came about when the British royals were living in India during the 1800s. They demanded that their favorite beers be shipped to them, but the month-long ocean trip destroyed the beer. A British brewer created an ale with more alcohol (hence why IPAs are stronger) so that they could last the month-long trip…. and there you have it; the India Pale Ale.

Ok, now Fuggles. This came in a variety pack I bought (bought 2 in one day…I was feeling ambitious). After opening it, it definitely smells like an IPA. Lots of hops, and to me, it carries the bitterness from start to end. It’s a stronger IPA, not something you should start out with in the IPA field if you’ve never had one before. If I wasn’t experienced in IPAs, I probably wouldn’t like it, but overall, it’s not that bad.

Strong at first, but after a few gulps, it gets easier. Definitely has some citrusness and your typical IPA tastes and smells. I dunno, I’m a little up in the air about this one. It’s good, but not…it’s one of those beers you really have to be in the mood for. The day I tried this just wasn’t one of those days.

Overall rating – (3 pints)

Keegan Ale’s Mother’s Milk

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Mother’s Milk – Brewed by Keegan Ales from Kingston, NY – ?% alcohol

I’ve lived in the Hudson Valley for approximately 20 years, and haven’t heard of or tried any of Keegan Ale’s brews. Kingston is only about 45 minutes from me, and recently I’ve heard nothing but good things about their beer, especially their Jomama’s Milk (not yet currently available in stores). Perusing my local beer store, I happened across a 6 pack of Mother’s Milk and figured what the hell.

Now, stouts aren’t usually my typical choice of beer, and something called “Mother’s Milk” kinda sceeves me out. But after hearing rave reviews for their beers and Mother’s Milk, I had to try it, especially coming from a local brewery.

This is probably the best stout I have ever tasted, hands down. Some subtle chocolate/milk/coffee flavors in there, but nothing overbearing. Goes down nice and smooth. The rule of thumb is to serve these beers between 45-55 degrees, but as I’ve said in the past, warm beer is disgusting. Taking this straight of the fridge, nice and cold, and it taste’s delicious. It’s definitively not what I was expecting. A good brew to relax with after dinner, or with a nice steak dinner, OR if you’re my boss, with some Fish Taco’s at Terrapin (the fish tacos were amazing by the way).

Overall, this is a great beer. I can’t wait to try their others which includes an IPA and some other seasonal beers. Definitely looking forward to trying more.

Final Rating –  (4 pints)

Fordham Tavern Ale

Posted in American Pale Ale on August 20, 2011 by Steve

Tavern Ale – Brewed by Fordham Brewing Company from Dover, Delaware – 5.5% alcohol

This is described as being an American Pale Ale. It has a nice citrus smell and is complimented by a strong hoppy flavor that gives it a bit of a bite. Not entirely sure on the difference between an APA and an IPA (too lazy to look it up) but this seems stronger tan any of the IPA’s I can remember trying in the past.

It’s got an aftertaste that stays with you, and I can’t say I enjoy it too much. I think if they dialed down the hops a bit, it would be much better (side note: it seems that any beer in which they use these Cascade hops are strong like this). The bottle does warn you though: “Strong hop profile”. Strong is right. I’m a sure a lot of people like that, but me… not so much.

It’s a drinkable beer and gets easier as you continue to drink it, you just gotta muscle through it.

Final Rating:  (2.5 pints)

Four+ Wyld Organic Extra Pale Ale

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Another  organic specialty brought to you by Four+ Beers, out of Salt Lake City, UT – 4% alcohol.

All I can say is “Wow”. It could be the cigar I was having (it was one of those days) but it’s real tasty and not real bitter at all. Just an overall real good beer. Four+ Beers know’s their shit. Organic or not, this stuff it good.

Short review, I know, but I reviewed this on a crazy, emotional day. So again I say, don’t be turned off by the organicness, be turned on by the tastiness.

Final Rating –  (3.5 pints)

Four+ Sum’r Oragnic Summer Ale

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Sum’r Organic Summer Ale – Brewed by Four+Beers (subgroup of Uinta Beers) from Salt Lake City, Utah – 4% alcohol.

I’m sure you all are having the same reaction I had to this beer. “What the fu….organic beer? Ew”. Seeing how it has “USDA Organic Approved” stamped on the bottle, it’s obviously the real deal. Like I said, the whole organic thing kinda weirded me out. It’s only organic ingredient is “organic barley malt” whatever the hell that means, but……it’s actually pretty good.

Little more bitter and hoppy than I’d expect from a summer ale, but its a light bitterness, subtle, and almost welcome. It’s very different from most summer ales, including the one’s I’ve reviewed here, but it’s a good different. I don’t know how often I’ll run across this beverage, but if I do, I’d definitely pick a nice little 6 pack to enjoy.

When drinking this, I was telling myself it would probably go well with fish or even sushi. Well, according to the website, it contains an uncommon hop from Japan, and they urge you to “Try it with Sushi!” – Well I’ll be…

Anyway, good brew, tasty, don’t let the organicness scare you away because frankly, who cares. It still has alcohol in it and still does the job.

Final Rating –  (3.5 pints)

American Honor – Declaration Ale

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Declaration Ale – Brewed by American Honor from Wilkes-Barre, PA – 5.4% alcohol.

This one kid of caught me off guard. How a little more stronger hops than I’d expect out of a pale ale. It’s

not a bad tasting brew but it doesn’t wow me either. It’s tasty once you assimilate to the stronger hops, but if you’re not one that’s real into any ales or any bitterness, you’re probably better off leaving this one to the side.

Their website is real annoying. Stupid drumming music that will drive you crazy, and nowhere I can tell to turn it off.

Overall, not a bad beer, but I wouldn’t go seeking this one out. I wouldn’t turn one down though either.

I’d give you the address and info on tours but I couldn’t take that damn drumming anymore. Just go to the website if you’re that interested.

Final Rating – (2 pints)