Sprecher Black Bavarian

Sprecher Black Bavarian – Brewed by Specher Brewing Company in Glendale, Wisconsin – 6.0% alcohol

So a quick little note. My girlfriend, the best, cutest little thing in the world, signed me up to Beer Clubs of America, and every month I receive a 12 pack containing 3 bottles of 4 different beers. This shipment came with some Sprecher and Sea Dog (2 brews from each, 3 bottles for each brew). I’ve never really tried any dark beers because they scare me. I hate Guinness (maybe I’ll give it another try soon…) so I’ve been afraid to try anything similar to that. But that’s the point of this blog, to try new beers and tell the world, or the 3 people that view this, all about them.

Black Bavarian is described as a porter in beer competiton, and a porter I have learned is simply a dark beer. There’s more to it than that but who cares. It’s also said to be a great alternative to a dessert and that it should be drank (drunk? drinken? dranken?) at 60 degrees. Ummm….sorry, but I’m not sure any beer should ever be drank (drunk? drinken? dranken?) that warm, but that’s just me.

It smells like wheat bread, and after the first sip, it has a slight coffee taste. I hate coffee. The girlfriend says “blech” (she wanted to make sure I included that, but she hates any beer not fruity). I don’t think its terrible, just not really my thing.

Sprecher has some other beers too, one of which came with this shipment, so look for that review coming soon. If you’re ever in Glendale, Wisconsin, be sure to check them out. I usually write all their hours and stuff here but their website has a lot of words and my head hurts right now. Go here to check it out.

Final Rating –  2.5 pints


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