Mystic Bridge IPA

Mystic Bridge IPA – Brewed by Cottrell Brewing Company in Pawcatuck, CT – 6% Alcohol

So after glancing at a few beer reviews, I noticed some people feel the need to tell you how the beer pours out into a glass. They’ll give you the color of the beer, the amount of foam (head, heh heh), and all that jazz. Let me tell you now, unless otherwise noted, these beers are pouring right out of the bottle into my throat.

Mystic Bridge IPA

Now lets get the point. Mystic Bridge IPA. I’m not a huge fan of IPA’s, so right off the bat I get a little worrisome before tasting one. Mystic Bridge IPA is technically an American IPA (India Pale Ale), which is slightly different than the UK IPAs. They are known for their hoppy taste which results in that bitter after taste that takes a while to get used to. Most average beer drinkers don’t like IPAs as they don’t have a great “drinkability” factor. You don’t pound an IPA down to get hammered.

Mystic Bridge is not an overpowering IPA. It’s hoppy and bitter enough to know its an IPA but its not extreme. It goes down smooth, and if your like me where IPAs take some getting used to, after muscling through the first one, the rest drink with no problem. I’d say this is a good beer for people looking to venture out of their Budweiser phase and want to try an IPA. A good introductory IPA if you will.

I didn’t drink this during dinner, but it’s got a good taste and is probably an excellent dinner beer. Like I said before, this is not something you can slam down but I don’t think there is an IPA you would want to do that with. It’s slight bitterness is almost welcoming. I want to compare it to other IPAs but I don’t have much experience in them (yet). If I had to pick one, I’d say its comparable to Magic Hat’s Blind Faith, but that’s probably because that’s the last IPA I tasted that I liked. Maybe that’ll be the next review…

If you’re in the area, you can visit Cottrell Brewing Company at 100 Mechanic Street, Pawcatuck, CT  06739. They have tours and tastings Monday-Wednesday by appointment, Thursdays at 3PM, Fridays every half hour from 3-6PM, and Saturdays every half hour from 1-5.

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Final rating – 


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